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Our Story

"It's no fun to work this hard and not win." 

My business partner and I came to this realization after several years in a private-equity backed business that generated unpredictable results despite an experienced management team, solid investors and generally good service for our customers.  We were surviving, with up years and down, but not creating sustainable value for our investors or growth opportunities for our employees. 

So we changed everything. 

Over the next 5 years, we doggedly pursued a strategic plan to change our leadership approach, our market position, our ideal customer and our pricing strategy, with a relentless focus on the key financial metric that drove our profitability.  Revenue grew  71% to nearly half a billion and EBITDA grew 138%.  We attracted top talent, changed our culture, and became a leader in our industry.  And, we sold the business to a Fortune 500 company at a multiple significantly above the market average, unlocking value for our team and investors. 

Lone Tree Advisors' mission is to help businesses win - however they define winning.  We selectively work with management teams that are tired of working incredibly hard without achieving the results they want - and are ready for a change.  

Our Partners

Lone Tree Advisors works with a growing network of trusted experts to help turn strategy into reality.  Our partners bring proven experience in marketing and design, SEO, corporate finance, generational planning, IT and data analytics. 

Helping Companies Win


of US business fail within 5 years


of businesses listed for sale complete a transaction


of business fail to execute on their strategic plan


of leadership teams spend less than 1 hour per month  discussing strategy

Companies don't win because of a great strategic plan. They win because of disciplined execution of those plans by inspired leaders and informed teams.


The demands of your business and customers conspire to pull you away from your strategy every day.  Our long-term,  Side-by-Side advisory engagements are designed to help you and your team build a framework that minimizes distractions like bad customers or ill-fated internal projects. 

Don't be a statistic.  With the right people, right plan, and discipline, your business can beat the odds. 


Greg Morello, Founder & President

Greg Morello is an executive leader and entrepreneur with a track record of building, growing and transforming businesses. He has experience with startups, mid-market companies and Fortune 500 organizations.  He most recently led the growth of a private-equity backed company, Whiplash, and sold the business to a Fortune 500 company in 2021. 

Previously, Greg was the co-founder of  Concentrek, Inc., a non-asset based transportation management company, where he raised  $6.5M in venture and Series A capital and had responsibility for the start-up's growth strategy and sales. In 2004, Concentrek was named to the Inc. 500 List of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies (#112).  He and his partners sold the company to UTi Worldwide (NASDAQ: UTIW, now DSV)

With a passion for helping companies grow and succeed, Greg founded Lone Tree Advisors to help companies with willing management teams take the step from good to great and create value for their owners and investors and opportunities for their employees. 

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